Solar panels on the roof of a building
Solar panels lying on the roof of a house


Solar installation is affordable

Van Lund Construction INC is a full service solar company that has established a reputation of quality workmanship since 1988.

We operate throughout Southern California to successfully meet your solar needs. We use only the best products for all of our projects to ensure that your roof is beautiful and durable.

Purchasing solar energy

Licensed • Bonded • Insured
License No. #538537 and #1000480


Interested In Solar Installation?

Solar panels on the roof of a building

Solar saves you money

30% federal tax credit on all solar system purchases.

American Made & Manufacture Warranty

All solar panels, inverters, roof mounts, etc. are American made and come with a manufacture warranty

Solar stands up to weather

All solar panel systems come with a 10- year leak free warranty provided by Van Lund Roofing and Solar.

You own 100% of your solar energy system

No more paying somebody else for your electricity needs. You can provide clean solar energy for your family.


See exactly what your new solar system is generating and consuming with smartphone app.

Purchasing Solar Energy

Here are the preliminary steps to obtaining your new solar system.


Let us customize your solar installation

Provide us with a copy of your monthly electric bill. Your utility bill will tell us how much energy you are consuming; therefore we can design a system just for you.

We Perform A Solar Site Survey

Van Lund Roofing will come to your home or business and do a property inspection.
In this inspection we are going to determine the condition of your roof. We are also looking at
obstructions such as trees or other buildings that may be blocking your roof from receiving optimal sunlight. Another consideration to consider when purchasing a solar system is do you
have the available roof space for the type of system you desire.

Electrical Panel Inspection and/or Upgrade

We will ascertain the size of your electrical panel and inform you if you will
need a panel upgrade. Most home solar system require a 200AMP service panel.